Join the Association

Join the Association


1.)  Community, community, community ...

  • Together your efforts make an apartment a home, and management says your apartment home is your sanctuary
  • Turn your living space into a warm, safe, and welcoming home
  • Show you care about the people and place where you live           

2.)  The association has more power in numbers, and gets better attention when necessary

  • A group simply demands more attention, respect, and allows for sharing ideas, and freedom to express yourself as a resident
  • When dealing with one of the top management organizations in the nation, you expect things to be done the right way, following the DC Code, and you expect the best

3.)  You can buy your building!

  • In DC you have the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) rights, giving you first refusal if the building is for sale
  • Or, if the tenants do not want to purchase, the 'tenants' right to purchase is assignable
  • But, you need to join your Resident Association and be a member in good standing

4.)  Long term affordability and gentrification in your neighborhood ...

  • Much stronger in dealing with an unresponsive management company that should focus on the needs of their residents
  • By simply being an active, vocal member of your building's association, you can join the drive to do the right thing
  • Better able to protect your sanctuary ... and everyone deserves a sanctuary

5.)  It is a lot more enjoyable and much less time than you might think

  • Share experiences as a resident to better deal with problems, and show how we can help as a group
  • A great way to get to know your neighbors, and enjoy your community
  • Help organize events like a flea market, a bake sale, or a Bar-B-Que for residents of the building, and other social events
  • Most tenant associations only meet about once a month for an evening ... a couple of hours.  Join and find out how we can help each other.