Management Staff

Contacting the Kenmore Staff

The KRA has been advised to use all three (3) e-mail addresses when trying to reach Ms. Howard.  When she is not available, the (KRA) was advised that someone is always monitoring the other two (2) additional addresses, and, and they will be able to reach her in a timely manner.  ALWAYS document every contact, every conversation, every message left at the Front Desk, every phone call, and keep all e-mail messages. 

 Bozzuto Management Company                                                            Kenmore Apartments              6406 Ivy Lane, Suite 700                                                                           5415 Connecticut Avenue, NW Greenbelt, MD 20770                                                                                 Washington, DC 20015              Main          (301) 220-0100                                                                       Main                (202) 363-8000 Facsimile   (301) 220-3738                                                                       Facsimile        (202) 363-8110                                                                                                                               New Number  (833) 881-1397

The Kenmore Apartments Management Staff

Sharron Howard, Building Manager                               (202) 363-8000  Main Number                              (202) 363-4317  Desk Phone            (833) 881-1397  Telephone Tree

                                                                          (202) 363-8110  Facsimile

Jason Simon, Assistant Manager                            (202) 363-8000  Main Number                             (833) 881-1397  Telephone Tree            (202) 363-8110  Facsimile    

The Kenmore Resident Association, Inc., (KRA) has always encouraged Kenmore residents to try every means available to reach our building Manager before contacting the corporate office or the Ownership.  Unfortunately, many have been unable to reach on-site management, or felt as though their concerns were not heard, or that the gravity of their situation was not understood or appreciated by the onsite staff.  If this is the case, then a resident has no other alternative but to reach out further and contact someone at the corporate office or the Ownership.  

Bozzuto Management Company

Ms. Dana Wong Hsu, Regional Portfolio Manager            (301) 245-1432  Desk Phone                                                       (301) 245-1265  Desk Phone

                                                                                                    (301) 597-9391  Facsimile

                                                                                                    (301) 220-0100  Office Receptionist 

Jennifer Uhler, Admin Staff                                                   (301)  220-0100  Office Receptionist

Ms. Jo Gavigan, SVP                                                              (301) 486-1372  Desk Phone                                                          (301) 220-0100  Office Receptionist                                                                                                                                                                         (301) 597-9391  Facsimile

Stephanie Williams, Pres., Bozzuto Management Co      (301)  220-0100  Office Receptionist

Michelle Brock, Admin Staff                                                 (301) 623-3685  Support Staff                                     


Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT)

Edward J. Murn, Managing Director, Residential               (202)  774-3200  Main Number

Paul McDermott, President and CEO                                   (202)  774-3200  Main Number

Stephen E. Riffee, EVP and CFO                                           (202) 774-3200  Main Number