District Line Daily: Path of Lease Resistance

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With massive unemployment compounding D.C.’s high cost of living, nearly half of the city's tenants are under rent burden. The burden is unequal. According to the Urban Institute, 1 in 4 non-White tenants in the region deferred or missed paying last month’s rent.

Some tenants in the region say their landlords are still hounding them for rent, and they are getting in hostile confrontations over nonpayment. And these same landlords are receiving hundreds of thousands in federal loans. 

For this week’s cover story, City Paper’s Morgan Baskin investigated who is really in need of aid. 

“What's funny to me is that the argument all these landlords are making when they're pressuring tenants and assigning payment plans is, ‘We need your money to pay management, we need your money to make sure that, like, the building runs smoothly,” says Stephanie Bastek, a DC Tenants Union board member. “And that seems like a total lie.”

The above was taken from the Washington City Paper, https://washingtoncitypaper.com/

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