Stolen Bikes

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Two more bikes have been stolen from the bike cage here at The Kenmore.

On or around June 7, 2020, two new bikes were stolen from the bike cage at The Kenmore.  This time, like others, there was no evidence of a break-in, and both the bikes and the cables were taken.

The KRA has asked Management several times, and again this week, to install better lighting, a video camera, and a mechanism that will automatically close the gate after someone exits the cage.  In addition, a request for appropriate signage and a review of the bike registration form was requested. 

Residents, especially those using the cage, have not been advised of the recent thefts.  The KRA is once again urging The Kenmore Management to better secure and monitor the bike cage at The Kenmore.

 The cage remains crowded and thefts continue.

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